Kapoor interessiert sich

*pock *pock *pock - Commissioner Smith? May I enter?


Commissioner, I want you run some analysis ASAP.

ASAP, I know, it means, äh …

We need to know the yearly income of each citizen of Maulwurfstadt, also the accumulated income of all citizens.

Well, also, how can you, I mean -

I will wait here until you are done. We are in urge.


  • Eine Liste aller Einwohner von Maulwurfstadt mit Vorname, Nachname und Jahresverdienst, sortiert nach Jahresverdienst absteigend.
  • Das Bruttoeinkommen aller Einwohner zusammen - das sollte einfach nur einen Wert ergeben.

(übellaunig) Here you are.

Thanks. That was very quick! You are a good computer scientist!

(geschmeichelt) Oh, äh, well, I do, yes, ahm …

Perhaps you could help me out with some rather private issue?


I plan to export some German goods to India, but I am unsure about the level of prices. Would you mind to have a quick look at your database and tell me the price of some goods of which I am interested to export them to India? I already have made a list for you … (hands it over to Commissioner Smith).

I will do my best :-(

  • Preis von 1kg Emmentaler
  • Preis von 1kg Lyoner
  • Preis eines einzelnen Spülmaschinen-Tabs
  • Preis einer Rolle Klopapier

So, Mr. Kapoor, here are the results, but I tell you, it was not easy. I needed to do some three-sentences.

Pardon me?!

Nothing, nothing. But now I must go to the Cafeteria, excuse me please. (drängt sich an Kapoor vorbei, Richtung Cafeteria)

(blickt ihm nach) A very coarse guy …